Premier Option Benefits
Travel Assist







Members have access to a worldwide network of medical and travel assistance personnel and emergency evacuation benefits when traveling over 100 miles away from home and suffering a serious injury or illness. Peace of mind is knowing that help is only a phone call away...

...especially for those who travel regularly:

  • Sales People, Executives or Entrepeneurs
  • Vacationers
  • Campers
  • Frequent Long Distance Visitors

A certificate listing all benefits and restrictions is furnished with membership fulfillment materials.

Members enjoy access to the following:

Emergency Evacuation / Repatriation
Language Assistance
Transportation of Escort
Family Visitation
Minor Children Return / Escort
Vehicle Return
24 hour Telephone Service
Medical Monitoring
Medical Referral
Guarantee of Medical Expenses
Insurance Coordination
Lost Document Service
Legal Assistance
Emergency Delivery of Prescription Items
Emergency Cash Transfers and Advances
Transport of Mortal Remains


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