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  • In 1995, Americans spent over One Trillion Dollars in health care expenses. $175 Billion of that was out of pocket expenditures.
  • Nearly 70 million people, or about one third of the U.S. population under the age of 65 are under-insured or non-insured.

The Physician Referral Network is a discount program which makes health care services much more affordable.

As with all PREMIER OPTION BENEFITS, the Physician Referral Network is not insurance, so there are no claim forms, deductibles, or waiting periods. The network is available throughout the U.S. and continually expands itís service area based on customer needs.

With this program, members save an average of 10% to 30% at participating physician offices throughout the country. Members have access to over 243,700 providers including family physicians and specialists.

The program utilizes the 5th largest PPO network in the nation in number of participating providers. Thus, the nationally recognized PPO network "owns their physician contracts" so the network can not lose coverage due to cancellation of a leased network agreement. In addition, the network maintains control of physician education and service levels.

The Physician Referral Network is effective and easy to use. Members simply present their card at a participating provider location and receive an immediate discount off the cost of services provided. Since there are no age or medical history restrictions, anyone can receive savings with the Physician Referral Network.


Atlanta 32.2% Dallas 30.2% Indianapolis 32.8%
Kansas City 32.5% Lost Angeles 36.2% Minneapolis 20.1%
Oklahoma City 25.0% San Diego 36.2% San Francisco 34.0%
St. Louis 22.8% Tampa 27.7% Wash D.C. 31.6%


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