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Good health starts with asking questions and knowing where to go for the answers. Nurse Hotline can help members take an active part in managing their health care by providing toll-free telephone access to experienced registered nurses, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Our hotline nurses are an immediate, reliable and caring source of health and medical information, education and support.

Better informed and healthier members are key to reducing health care costs. Nurse Hotline gives members the information they need to help them make educated decisions about their health and health care. In addition to providing information to callers that may prevent unnecessary trips to the emergency room, trained RN's assist members in choosing self-care measures and communicating with health care providers, as well as, offer guidance for difficult decisions. These services result in members' improved well-being and productivity.

Nurse Hotline has a superb record of service delivery - providing accurate, current information, whenever or wherever individuals need it. Caller follow-up and satisfaction surveys rated Nurse Hotline participant satisfaction at 98.8% last year.

To access this service, members simply call the toll free number on the back of their membership card.

Benefit Features:

Help with minor and emergency situations and general information on all types of health and medical concerns supported by an audio health library of more than 1000 topics
Self-care information and solutions based on 400 physician-approved guidelines
Information about prescription and over-the-counter medication usage and interaction
Information on non-medical support groups from a comprehensive national database
Translation services for non-English speaking callers
TTY/TDD access for the hearing impaired
Computerized record keeping system with on-line, clinical, administrative and resource data
Full time medical director on staff


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