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Hearing Aids







Beltone Hearing Aid Program- Members receive a 15% discount on over 70 models of hearing aids and a FREE hearing test at Beltone Hearing Centers in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.
1200 provider locations across the U.S. comprised of a cross section of audiologists, hearing specialists and other professionals
Members' hearing aids can be cleaned, inspected and adjusted at any Beltone office

Mail Order Service-

Members save 40% to 60% on hearing aids and other auditory devices including over 80 models of major brand names (except Miracle Ear)
Factory fresh batteries are available at low member prices
30-day home trial and one full year factory warranty
Repair any make or model less than 5 years old for as little as $99
Discounts on professional services are not available where prohibited by law. The mail order hearing program is not available in Colorado, Missouri or Texas, however residents of those states may utilize the Beltone Hearing program.


PREMIER OPTION BENEFITS now introduces the Beltone Hearing Aid Program.
   Free Hearing Test
   15% discount on over 70 models
   over 1200 provider locations  


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